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"Understand your market
like a seasoned professional
in just 10 customer interviews"
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The Bootcamp

As a researcher or founder, you may find yourself ready to move off the bench or the drawing board but uncertain of and unprepared for the next steps. You know that you have to get out of the lab or office and talk to potential customers.  But where do you start?  Like most in your position, you may find yourself with little or none of the training required to conduct your initial customer discovery. 

If so, the AME Customer Discovery Bootcamp is for you. The workshop provides;


  • Step-by-step instruction with support from a seasoned professional at your side.

  • The answers you need today and the skill set required for tomorrow.

  • Highest integrity data to confidently make the mission critical decisions.

  • Healthcare industry specific addressing issues such as dealing with medical professionals, healthcare reimbursement and FDA regulation.

Chris’ insight and remarkable teaching skills make his course a must for start-up entrepreneurs.

Drs. Rishma Shah and Glen Karunanayake, UNC’s Adams School of Dentistry

The Promise of the AME Customer Discovery Bootcamp

You will leave with;

  • A process to uncover the customer problem(s) worth solving

    • Identify your "beachhead" market​

  • Customer knowledge and market intelligence to support product design, company building and fundraising

    • Directly addresses the #1 concern of investors ​- the path to early revenue

  • Actionable understanding of your early adopter customer profile (and if appropriate, real customer prospects)

    • Typically 2-3 qualified leads from 10-12 interviews​

  • The skill set of professional customer discovery

    • A crash course in becoming a seasoned professional​

  • Having completed the first critical step to your end goal: scalable revenue

The skillset Chris brought to our market research in the intricate world of gynecological  oncology was invaluable. Chris’ ability to demystify the process and results meant that the entire undertaking went from daunting to an enjoyable exercise!

Rima Janusziewicz, Ph.D., Department of Biomedical Engineering, UNC-Chapel Hill

Who Should Attend
  • Academic founders looking to translate their research

  • Inventors commercializing their ideas

  • Clinicians with a product concept to address a day-to-day problem

  • Entrepreneurs starting their 1st company

  • R&D executives developing new innovations

  • Sales and marketing execs launching a new product or entering a new market

  • Student entrepreneurs seeking to start a company

Bootcamp Details
  • Five 2-hour work sessions over 10 weeks

    • Upcoming 2021 Bootcamps starting August 19 & October 19

      • ​Thursday, August 19 (Session dates - 8/19, 8/26, 9/2, 9/30, 10/14)

      • Tuesday, October 19 (Session dates - 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/30, 12/15)

    • Time: 11am EST

    • Bootcamp Description and Bootcamp Outline

  • Reading and course work assigned between sessions

    • You will source and conduct 10-12 customer discovery interviews during the Bootcamp

  • Price - 695.00 per company (2 participants)

    • Additional participants from the same company - 325.00 each

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back (Required to attend and participate in all five sessions)

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Brian Regan

VP, Strategy & Professional Relations, Sight Sciences

Chris can quickly and accurately assess the market and customer dynamics and provide actionable advice. After making insightful recommendations, he rolled up his sleeves and work side-by-side with our team. Chris makes a real impact and does it with the highest integrity.

Forest Road

Stephen Eckel, PharmD, MHA

Associate Dean, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

The impact of his research changed the direction of my market entry approach, which has been extremely valuable. I can’t thank Chris and ViaVerus enough.

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John C. McKenney

Sr. Vice President, SEC Associates

Utilizing AME showed that there was no market for our planned service offering, thereby saving us from wasting considerable effort and resources. Perhaps more importantly, the process indicated demand for alternative services that would ultimately be far more lucrative. 

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