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ViaVerus is your partner in moving your product launch growth and revenue targets successfully forward, minimizing early operational burn while building brand equity and long-term value. The ViaVerus true path approach is both personalized and highly integrated and includes the following services implementing the Agile Market Entry framework:

Primary Market Research

  • Uncover your customers true needs and willingness to pay

  • Identify and validate entry points (high-probability beachheads)

  • Market plan assumptions analysis – validate and invalidate known assumptions and uncover hidden assumptions 

  • Intelligently inform product design 

Sales Execution to Scale

  • Establish first revenue

  • Utilize early input to develop messaging and materials

  • Provide the required training for expansion to larger sales organization

  • Develop and codify Repeatable Sales Process (RSP)

  • Seamless handoff of RSP to professional sales organization

Launch Planning

  • Align leadership with AME goals

  • Establish "special forces" sales team 

  • Establish programmatic input cycle for evaluation and rapid market adjustment

  • Profile ideal target accounts

Other Services

  • Relaunch underperforming product launches using Agile Market Entry framework

  • Mentoring and coaching for best practices in innovation launches

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