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ViaVerus leverages its Agile Market Entry framework and real market experience to help you successfully move your product from Development to Marketplace

“ Executing on ViaVerus' initial plans has positioned EA as the recommended market leader despite being a much smaller company than our key competitors.” 

Don Holzworth, CEO of Constella Group & Chairman & of Expressions Analysis

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Agile Market Entry (AME) is a sales framework designed specifically to meet the unique challenges from launch to scale. The end result delivers the proven repeatable sales process (RSP) required by your professional sales team to scale revenue.

Use AME to:
  • Accelerate the path from launch to growth stage of product life cycle and accelerating revenue growth
  • Avoid unnecessary product launch burn 
  • Optimize enterprise valuation 
  • Bring the minimum viable product (MVP) concept to FDA regulated products to improve early product design and reduce market risk

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ViaVerus is poised to support the active growth of your product launch and business endeavors. Services we offer include:

  • Primary market research

  • Launch planning

  • Sales execution to scale

  • Relaunch underperforming product launches using Agile Market Entry

  • Mentoring and coaching for best practices

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