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ViaVerus works side-by-side with startups and businesses looking to generate first-to-market sales for new products and services.  Starting with the premise that value is established in the market, we engage with your markets early to validate ... or just as important, invalidate … a product plan.  Through our true path approach we uncover your customers' true needs, identify the optimal sales strategy before launch and set the foundation for an effective marketing plan.  


We do this using our proprietary Agile Market Entry (AME) framework, designed specifically to meet the unique challenges from launch to scale.  The end result is delivering the proven repeatable sales process (RSP) required by your professional sales team to scale revenue.

Chris Morrison, Founder and CEO | Phone: 919-304-2760

Chris has over 25 years of sales and business development experience bringing products to market. His principal expertise is the ability to formulate and execute strategic marketing and sales plans for new technologies and/or new markets. His domains of experience include pharmaceutical services, Medtech, healthcare IT and clinical diagnostics. Chris founded his management consulting practice in 2002, a life science and healthcare practice focused on supporting companies making the transition to the marketplace – from early market needs assessment to marketing strategy through market entry.

Prior to founding his consulting practice, Mr. Morrison headed sales and marketing for Expression Analysis, a specialty genomics services company, leading the company to profitability in its first year of operation. While there he designed and executed strategic sales and marketing plans to enter the pharmaceutical clinical trials market and inked deals with Pfizer, GSK, Wyeth, Covance, National Cancer Institute and EPA.  Earlier in his career Morrison filled various roles in healthcare and Medtech companies including managing operations of ambulatory surgery centers as well as sales and sales management positions in start-ups and publicly traded companies.   Chris received a B.S. in engineering from the University of Vermont.

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William Walker, PhD

Serial Entrepreneur and 

Mattson Family Director of Entrepreneurship at Duke

The issue Chris has identified, which I think is quite profound, is that a new product rarely has a tested, working sales process. Chris has developed a process to make that process of "inventing the sales process" more efficient and effective. 

Don Holzworth

Former CEO, Expression Analysis

Executing on AME with ViaVerus has positioned EA as the recognized market leader despite being a much smaller company than our key competitors.

John C. McKenney

Sr. Vice President, SEC Associates

Utilizing AME showed that there was no market for our planned service offering, thereby saving us from wasting considerable effort and resources. Perhaps more importantly, the process indicated demand for alternative services that would ultimately be far more lucrative. 

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via LinkedIn

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